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Harvey D. Heath J. Kymlicka W. Lamont J. Lange O. Lefebvre H. Lehman-Frisch S. Lerner P. Maguain D. Marcuse P. Martinez C. Massey D. Mill J. Mongin P. Musterd S. Nozick R. Parfit D. Park R. Peach C. Anthropos, Rawls J. Reynaud A. Rhein C. Rouland N. Sack R. Sagot M. Selod H. Sen A. Hennipman Lectures in Economics , vol. Sen, A. Simon P. Urban social exclusion and integration in Europe , New York, Basingstocke. Smail D. Smith M. Soja E. Tabard N.

Tovar E. Wachs M. Wenglenski S. Xiong V. Plusieurs raisons expliquent ce choix. Aubry, Bourdeau-Lepage et Tovar, Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography. Measuring urban segregation: an economic contribution. Plan Introduction. Le tri socio-spatial des classes de revenu. Le coefficient I de Moran pe Bibliographie Anselin L. Haut de page. A dishonest act makes us angry. You can also feel. I got so scared! I had to control my anger! There have been many disappointments in my life. Les expressions affectives Emotional expressions The way people show their emotions varies from one person to another and from one set of cir-cumstances to another.

Here are some examples of displays of emotion. The child sends kisses. She deserves a big applause. I thank you. Le professeur nous fait des reproches. The teacher reproaches us. What emotion would you feel in the following circumstances? For each sentence, choose from the following list the emotion a person is most likely to feel, and write it on the line provided. Un alligator est dans votre jardin. Une petite fille vous donne un baiser. Votre amoureux ou amoureuse part en voyage. Vous recevez un beau cadeau. Il y a un moustique ou un cafard dans votre assiette.

Vous avez un examen dans cinq minutes. Vous voulez vous marier. Vous voyez un sans-abri dans la rue. Vous arrivez au restaurant.


L'etalon noir - la naissance d'un champion (French, Paperback)

Vous allez perdre votre travail. Vous gagnez 2 dollars. I admire his optimism. Elle traite tous ses patients avec She treats all her patients with gentleness. He talks about his son with pride. We do all our homework with zeal. Adolescents need independence. Here are some less-pleasant attitudes. Selfishness is an ugly fault.

I express my boredom by yawning. Here are a few examples. What heroism in the face of danger! Priests have faith. Le loup fait souvent preuve de malice. The wolf often shows malice. People Which is the opposite attitude or personality trait? Write the opposite for each of the following nouns. Is this a quality or a fault?

Unique personality traits. Identify the appropriate completion for each sentence to find out more about the characteristics of various people. Write the letter of each completion on the lines provided. Ils me donnent des Je montre ma Elle a fait tous ses devoirs en un jour. Il pratique sa religion avec beaucoup de Il suit tous ses cours avec la plus grande Manger des escargots lui cause un grand Young people and seniors have very little chance of finding employment in France where unem-ployment rates are high.

Many people pursue higher education in order to enter a profession. The lawyer defends his client. The teacher instructs the students. La journaliste informe les lecteurs. The journalist informs readers. A good teacher is qualified and motivated. The nurse gives the patient a shot. Va chez le dentiste te faire plomber Go to the dentist to get this tooth filled.

The pharmacist recommended to me this remedy. My nutritionist is making me follow a diet. You have to be talented to become a n. Paul Gauguin was a painter. Frederick Chopin was a composer. He is an actor. Il est acteur. He was an existentialist writer. Chef Paul Bocuse has an international reputation. Identify the most likely occupation for each of the following job descriptions, and write it on the lines provided.

Il est. Elle me dit si tout va bien avec mes yeux. Elle est. Elle fait de beaux tableaux. Elle est7. Il est8. Il compose des symphonies. Il examine et traite les animaux malades.

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Il est Elle est Elle est ballerine. Here are somenouns for trade and public service occupations. His secretary is very qualified. Firemen risk their lives. Les pompiers risquent leur vie. The cosmetician gives me a waxing. Call the electrician to repair this line. Going to the bakery, the pastry shop, the butcher shop, or the deli can be expressed in twodifferent ways.

I went to the butcher shop yesterday morning. Is it true or false? Write V for vrai or F for faux next to each statement regarding what various people do for a living. Les soldats se battent pour leur pays. Le juge travaille dans un tribunal. Le photographe pose pour des photos. Pour devenir avocat Un banquier doit Chez cette libraire, on trouve Toutes les entreprises ont Notre boucher vend Pour payer, allez trouver Bocuse est un Les professeurs donnent des You will also learn to identify small and large elements of the world,such as flowers and trees, as well as geographical and physical aspects of theuniverse.

But other animals, too, are com- monly kept as pets in homes or on farms. Dans Les dalmatiens, les chiots In Dalmatians, the puppies sont si mignons. Notre lapine a eu six petits. Our rabbit had six babies. Les animaux de la ferme Farm animals Farm animals are truly considered a patrimony by the French. Each region has its special breedof cows, horses, lambs, and chickens.

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Farm animals are the subject of many French folk songs,stories, and fables. They use pigs to find truffles. On se sert des cochons pour trouver The chicken sits on her eggs. Soon there will les truffes. People are often compared to animals in idiomatic phrases. Il mange comme un cochon. He is stubborn like a mule. Elle chante comme un pinson. She sings like a finch. What a mother hen! Quelle dinde! Elle est si sotte! What a turkey! She is so silly! Il est fier comme un coq.

He is proud like a rooster. Animals and nature What is the female of each animal? Write the name of the female for each animal. Sharks attack swimmers. Les requins attaquent les nageurs. Penguins are family oriented. Vultures are an endangered species. The snake can be a symbol for mystery. Le tigre montre ses dents. Where do they live?

For the latter, industrialization and residential expansion pose problems. Many animals are suf-fering from reduced or lost natural habitats. Our white rabbit is in a hutch. La nuit les chouettes hululent dans At night the owls hoot in the forest. The village pond is full of frogs. Bees gather nectar from flowers in the fields. Les abeilles butinent les fleurs The horses are in the corral. Les chevaux sont au corral. There may be more than one habitat for each animal.

The conquest of space is well on the way. A shooting star brings luck. The moon is a satellite of the earth. La lune est un satellite de la terre. Note that the noun la terre has the double meaning of Earth and land. La terre est ronde.

L'etalon noir: la naissance d'un champion - AbeBooks - Walter Farley: X

Earth is round. La terre volcanique est fertile. Volcanic land is fertile. The universe in which we live. By completing each sentence with an appropriate word from the previous list, you will describe the universe. Dans les films de science-fiction, il y a souvent des. Quelle chance! La lune fait des autour de la terre. La terre est un du soleil. La terre Earth The geographical features of our planet are varied.

They comprise mountains, oceans, glaciers,woods, rivers, continents, and so on. The Sahara is a desert in Africa. On pique-nique sur les quais de la Seine. People picnic on the banks of the Seine. Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica. Cannes is a city on the Riviera.

Mount Vesuvius is an extinct volcano.

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At low tide the beach is wider. Il y a une fontaine au milieu de la place. There is a fountain in the middle of the plaza. Look at the surfer on top of the wave! Regarde le surfeur en haut de la vague! Which one does not belong? From smallest to biggest. Here are some useful terms to talk about climate, ecology, and pollution.

Everything blooms in the spring. In the winter it is cold in Paris. Long live differences! Complete each sentence with an appropriate word from the previous list to talk about seasons and climates. Dans un climat , toutes les saisons sont froides. Dans un climat , il y a quatre saisons distinctes. Au , tout fleurit. On trouve des mangues et des ananas dans un climat. On trouve des oliviers et des figuiers dans un climat6. En , on fait du ski nautique en France.

En , les feuilles des arbres tombent. It also pro- vides us with many natural resources to maintain and improve life on Earth. A tidal wave can be fatal. There was an earthquake in California. Hurricanes have caused shipwrecks. An iceberg destroyed the Titanic. The excessive heat caused forest fires. What are the consequences? Find the word in the right column that completes or matches the word in the left column, and write the appropriate letter on the lines provided.

Here are some terms for discussing this topic. Solar energy is great. There is iron in spinach. Il y a des mines de diamants en Afrique.


There are diamond mines in Africa. Explorers were looking for gold. Le sodium se trouve dans des aliments. Sodium is found in some foods. What do they have in common? I prefer apples rather than pears. We need watermelon for the barbecue. Cherche-moi des olives. In the following sentences, note how easy it is to change the name of a fruit to the name ofthe tree that bears it. Simply change the -e ending of the fruit to -er or -ier. The gender of the treeis masculine. I have fig trees and olive trees. Un cerisier en fleur est magnifique. A cherry tree in blossom is magnificent. What grows on it?

Write the name of the fruit that each tree bears, in the space provided. Sur un prunier pousse une. Sur un manguier pousse une. Sur un amandier pousse une. Sur un pommier pousse une. Sur un bananier pousse une. Sur un olivier pousse une8. Sur un figuier pousse une. My mashed potatoes are delicious. Pumpkin soup is good. Put a little rosemary into this stew!